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Delhi bomb threat: Delhi-NCR schools resume with heavy security one day after receiving bomb threat emails

Delhi bomb threat: Delhi-NCR schools resume with heavyDelhi bomb threat: Delhi-NCR schools resume with heavy

Delhi bomb threat: Schools in Delhi-NCR experienced chaos on Wednesday as they received a threatening email from an unidentified sender, prompting evacuations and searches.

Police have stated that schools in Delhi-NCR resumed classes on Thursday under heightened security measures, following a day in which approximately 254 schools in the vicinity of Delhi received threatening emails regarding bomb threats.

Police have stated that security measures around schools have been increased as a precautionary safety measure.

There was chaos in schools throughout Delhi-NCR after receiving threat emails from unknown senders, leading to evacuations and searches in some and sending students home in others. Delhi Police reported receiving more than 131 calls from schools in Delhi, with additional calls from Noida.

Later in the afternoon on Wednesday, Delhi Police confirmed that the bomb threat email was indeed a hoax. Senior officials assured the public of this finding. However, as a precautionary measure, police will be increasing their presence outside schools.

An unnamed senior police officer emphasized, “This step is aimed at building confidence. We are committed to ensuring the safety of all children and their families while they are at school. There is no need for alarm. We are working tirelessly day and night to ensure the safety of everyone.”

The officer further mentioned that the majority of schools in Delhi remain open, with only a handful opting to remain closed for an extra day as an added precautionary measure.

Only a few schools will be closed, and they will conduct online classes, stated the officer.

The special cell division of Delhi Police is actively investigating the case. They have discovered a Russian IP address associated with the email and are currently attempting to trace its origin.

“The email might have originated from anywhere within India or abroad. The perpetrator has not yet been identified,” added another investigator.

On Thursday, Delhi Police spokesperson Suman Nalwa shared two audio recordings where unidentified individuals mention specific school names and claim that bombs have been discovered on the premises.

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“Some audio messages circulating on WhatsApp and other chat platforms suggest that suspicious items were found in certain schools. These messages are baseless and untrue. I urge everyone to spread the word that these messages are false,” stated Nalwa.

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