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Comedian Shyam Rangeela will challenge Prime Minister Modi in Varanasi

Comedian Shyam Rangeela will challenge Prime Minister ModiComedian Shyam Rangeela will challenge Prime Minister Modi

Comedian Shyam Rangeela, renowned for his impersonations of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has declared his candidacy for the Lok Sabha elections. He intends to contest from Varanasi, directly challenging PM Modi.

In short

  • Shyam Rangeela gained notoriety by imitating PM Modi.
  • He will run against Prime Minister Modi in the Varanasi Lok Sabha elections.
  • He claims that, in contrast to Surat and Indore, his candidacy will give Varanasi residents options.

Comedian Shyam Rangeela, known for his uncanny impressions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, made headlines on Wednesday by revealing his decision to run against PM Modi in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, specifically in Varanasi.

In a post on X (Twitter), Rangeela expressed his enthusiasm for the overwhelming support he has received since announcing his candidacy for Varanasi. He assured his followers that he would soon share his perspectives on his nomination and campaign strategy through a video message upon his arrival in Varanasi.

A few hours later, Shyam Rangeela posted a video message with the caption, Varanasi, here I come.

Rangeela remarked that today’s political landscape mirrors that of comedy, a factor that influenced his decision. Despite the daunting prospect of facing PM Modi in the elections, Rangeela remains resolute, asserting his willingness to engage in the electoral fray under any circumstances. He expressed his belief in the democratic principle that anyone can contest against the Prime Minister and expressed hope in securing the Varanasi seat with the support of the public.

Shyam Rangeela stated, My candidacy will offer the people of Varanasi a choice during voting, unlike in Surat and Indore. Therefore, I plan to travel to Varanasi this week to officially file my nomination against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Rangeela reaffirmed his commitment to contesting the elections against the Prime Minister, regardless of the result.

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The BJP announced in its initial list of 195 candidates for the polls that PM Modi will be contesting the Lok Sabha elections from Varanasi.

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