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Bill Gates praises India for supplying COVID-19 vaccines to 150 nations in crucial times.

Bill Gates praises India for supplying COVID-19 vaccines to 150 nations in crucial times.Bill Gates praises India for supplying COVID-19 vaccines to 150 nations in crucial times.

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, praised India for giving COVID-19 vaccines to over 150 countries during a time of crisis and praised the country ‘as a global pioneer’ for contributing useful answers to global health concerns.

He remarked that India has consistently been at the forefront of global innovation, offering effective solutions to pressing health issues. This journey begins with India’s vaccine sector, which has played a pivotal role in delivering high-quality, affordable vaccines for various diseases, thereby significantly contributing to saving millions of lives worldwide.

Referring to India’s contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bill Gates remarked, “India emerged as a major global source of COVID vaccines, with the foundation also collaborating with Indian companies in this endeavor.”

He also highlighted India’s potential in clinical diagnostics, emphasizing that in the upcoming years, “Indian innovation will assume an even greater role in addressing global health challenges.”

Earlier on my tour, I spoke with some breakthrough diagnostics companies, and I believe Indian solutions have a lot of promise to be game changers for critical public health concerns, particularly tuberculosis. A low-cost, reliable tuberculosis diagnosis would be critical for India to achieve its TB control and elimination objectives.

Bill Gates joins hands with the Indian government

During a meeting with Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya, Gates revealed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, along with the Indian government, is collaborating with the private sector to develop an affordable therapy for sickle cell anemia that would benefit people worldwide.

Bill Gates noted the substantial disease burden in India, which is further exacerbated in Africa. He highlighted the current unaffordability of available therapies, even for wealthy nations like the US. Gates suggested that this presents an opportunity for collaboration between the foundation and the Government of India, along with the Indian private sector, to develop a cost-effective therapy for sickle cell anemia that could benefit people worldwide.

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He elaborated, expressing that the foundation is honored to maintain a robust partnership with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, collaborating on various health priorities. These encompass maternal and child health, tackling anemia, combating infectious diseases—particularly vaccine-preventable ones—advancing digital health initiatives, and exploring other critical areas.

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