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Will Rahul Gandhi contest elections from Telangana?

Will Rahul Gandhi contest elections from Telangana?Will Rahul Gandhi contest elections from Telangana?

Rahul Gandhi: The Telangana PCC is eager to persuade Sonia Gandhi’s family to run from Telangana.

Initially, the PCC chief and his supporters attempted to persuade Sonia Gandhi to contest from Khammam. Subsequently, they suggested that her daughter, Priyanka Gandhi, should consider running in Telangana. Now, they have met with Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and extended an invitation for him to file his candidacy from either Khammam or Bhongir in Nalgonda district.

It is understood that they even assured him of victory, regardless of where he chose to contest within the Nalgonda district.

In the past, PCC chief Revanth Reddy and his associates went as far as passing a resolution urging Sonia Gandhi to enter the electoral race from the Khammam Parliamentary constituency. The resolution was also reviewed by AICC leaders, but it was declined due to Sonia Gandhi’s health condition. She had chosen to refrain from active participation in politics and consequently stepped back from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, where she traditionally contested every election.

With Sonia Gandhi opting to stay away from Amethi, the AICC leaders made the decision that Sonia’s daughter, Priyanka Gandhi, would step in to fill the vacancy.

Upon learning that Sonia Gandhi would refrain from participating in the elections, PCC leaders in Telangana promptly proposed Priyanka Gandhi’s name. However, upon discovering that she would be focusing on contesting Amethi, they chose to remain silent.

Suddenly, there is upheaval within the Telangana PCC as a proposal emerges suggesting that Rahul Gandhi should contest from the state.

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During the last general elections, Rahul Gandhi represented Wayanad in Kerala. However, this time around, the Congress ally CPI has put forward the name of CPI general secretary D. Raja’s wife, Annie Raja, suggesting that Rahul will not be contesting from Kerala.

With Rahul Gandhi deciding not to contest either from Amethi or Wayanad, Telangana leaders have extended an invitation for him to file his nomination papers from their state.

It remains to be seen how Rahul will respond to the invitation.



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