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AP Politics: Telangana BJP Leader Receives Ticket To Bapatla MP From Naidu

AP Politics: Telangana BJP Leader Receives Ticket To Bapatla MP From NaiduAP Politics: Telangana BJP Leader Receives Ticket To Bapatla MP From Naidu

AP Politics: Telugu Desam Party concluded a crucial phase of MLA/MP candidate announcements yesterday with the release of their third list. One noteworthy aspect of this list is the inclusion of a Telangana BJP leader among the TDP’s candidates. This development took place in the selection process for the Bapatla Lok Sabha constituency, which initially featured YCP’s Undavalli Sridevi as a defiant candidate, followed by TDP SC Cell Chairman MS Raju emerging as a serious contender.

In a surprising turn of events, Krishna Prasad, a dedicated leader from Telangana BJP who had been eyeing the Warangal BJP ticket, unexpectedly secured the highly sought-after Bapatla MP ticket. Krishna Prasad had been actively involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors in Warangal and had aspirations for the Warangal MP ticket.

Following BRS leader Aroori Ramesh’s inclusion in the BJP, he succeeded in wresting the MP ticket away from Krishna Prasad. However, there are reports indicating that the Telangana BJP held Krishna Prasad in high regard and sought to reward his efforts. It was during this consideration that they recommended his name to Chandrababu for the Bapatla MP ticket.

Krishna Prasad possesses strong connections within Andhra Pradesh’s geopolitical landscape, having served in various prominent roles such as Vijayawada police commissioner, Warangal and Vizag DIG, as well as holding positions as SP in Nellore, Vizag, Guntur, and Medak in the past. Bapatla was previously within his jurisdiction during his tenure as SP of the former Guntur district.

Given his significant ties within Andhra Pradesh and the relentless efforts of the BJP to secure him the ticket at all costs, Chandrababu was persuaded that Krishna Prasad would be the ideal candidate for the role. Nonetheless, even TDP leaders find it unexpected that Naidu has chosen to award the Bapatla MP ticket to a BJP leader from Telangana.

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Krishna Prasad, representing the TDP, will go up against YSRCP‘s Nandigama Suresh, the incumbent MP from Bapatla. The TDP last secured victory in this constituency in 2014 through Malyadri Sriram, and now, a decade later, Krishna Prasad is vying for the seat. Is it possible for the TDP to regain control of this seat?

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