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AP News: Good news from Jagan Sarkar for them Instructions to give those cards immediately

AP News: Good news from Jagan Sarkar for them Instructions to give those cards immediatelyAP News: Good news from Jagan Sarkar for them Instructions to give those cards immediately

AP News: AP government has good news for transgenders. The employment guarantee scheme will also be implemented for transgenders. Transgenders who come forward for work under the employment guarantee scheme will be identified as individual families and given job cards. The details are as follows

Jagan government has given good news to transgenders. A significant step has been taken towards enabling a dignified life for individuals within society. The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme is now being extended to include transgender individuals. Following the central government’s initiative, the government of Andhra Pradesh is set to implement this employment guarantee scheme for transgender individuals as well. Plans are underway to issue job cards to them, with instructions already dispatched to all district collectors and Dwama project directors across the state as of March 15. Each transgender individual engaging in employment guarantee work will be treated as a family unit and provided with job cards. Furthermore, in cases where five or more transgender individuals express interest in employment within the same panchayat, they will be recognized as Shram Shakti Sanghas, according to officials.

Transgender individuals have been raising concerns with the central government regarding discrimination in society and challenges in securing employment opportunities. Responding to these grievances, the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment recommended extending the employment guarantee scheme to include transgenders. The Andhra Pradesh government has embraced this suggestion and initiated the process of issuing job cards to transgender individuals. Details of the circular issued by the government are outlined below.

Transgender individuals are to be recognized as a family unit and provided with a job card.

An additional column for transgender individuals should be included alongside male and female options on the application form.

Should the number of transgender individuals exceed five within a Panchayat, they ought to be acknowledged as Shram Shakti Sangam.

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It should be deemed a criminal offense to belittle or mock transgender individuals in the workplace.

As per the circular issued by the government, nodal officers are to be designated at both the Mandal and district levels to address the issues faced by transgender individuals.

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