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YSRCP Particular Focus on the NTR-Balayya Issue?

YSRCP Particular Focus on the NTR-Balayya Issue?YSRCP Particular Focus on the NTR-Balayya Issue?

YSRCP: The political landscape has recently shifted focus due to an incident involving Balakrishna’s decision to remove Jr NTR’s flexes at the NTR Ghat, which was deemed unwarranted. This has sparked discussions about the dynamics between NTR and the Nandamuri family, as well as their relationship with the TDP. The YCP has seized this opportunity to gain traction, with Kodali Nani expressing displeasure towards Balakrishna’s actions, adding fuel to the ongoing political discourse. – YSRCP

Today, senior politician Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad shared comments about both Balakrishna and Jr NTR, offering insights or opinions on their respective roles or actions.

Jr NTR currently stands at the zenith of his abilities. Criticizing him is akin to spitting at the sky—a gesture that inevitably returns, even when it comes from someone like Nandamuri Balakrishna. Throughout his journey, only NTR’s mother stood steadfastly by his side.” Yarlagadda emphasized that Balakrishna played no part in the triumphant ascent of NTR. He directed criticism at Balakrishna, particularly for his decision to order the removal of Jr NTR’s flexes. Regarding his political journey, Yarlagadda conveyed that Jagan holds the key to his victory or defeat, whatever the outcome may be. He expressed the belief that greater clarity will emerge once the upcoming elections have concluded.

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