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Joe Biden at last acknowledges the insecurity of the US-Mexico border

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Joe Biden at last acknowledges the insecurity of the US-Mexico borderJoe Biden at last acknowledges the insecurity of the US-Mexico border

Amidst ongoing negotiations, President Joe Biden seeks to address the US-Mexico border situation by calling for “massive changes.” On Friday, US President Joe Biden acknowledged—contrary to his own Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas—that the US-Mexico border is not safe. In addition, he demanded “massive changes” to the immigration code.

In response to a reporter’s question about border security, Biden said, “No, it’s not.” After speaking to a group of mayors from both parties in the White House East Room, he made this declaration. Biden, 81, said he hoped Senate negotiators would achieve an agreement on the border problem next week as part of a bigger $106 billion spending package that also included military support for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

Biden addressed the border control issue.

The president expressed the view that substantial policy adjustments are necessary at the border, including reforms to our asylum system, to ensure the necessary authorities for effective border control. He emphasized readiness to take decisive action. Now, the pivotal question extends to Speaker Mike Johnson and the House Republicans: Will they demonstrate a readiness to take decisive action as well?”

“They must decide if they want to fix a problem or continue weaponizing the subject to win political points against the president. I am ready to address the problem. “I really am,” he said.

“Massive changes, and I mean it sincerely.”

The asylum policy is not clear yet.

However, it is unclear what adjustments to asylum policy would be acceptable to the White House, Senate Democrats, and House Republicans. The administration’s present policy enables practically all migrants who cross the border illegally to enter the United States and await their asylum proceedings, which are significantly delayed.

They also obtain employment permits within a short amount of time. Biden, who assumed office in 2021, reversed former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which required most asylum claimants to stay in Mexico until their cases were resolved. Last year, Mayorkas, who leads the Department of Homeland Security responsible for overseeing border policy, drew criticism from Republicans for consistently asserting that “the border is secure,” despite the fact that unprecedented numbers of individuals were crossing illegally.

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