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Yuvan Shankar Raja defends AR Rahman and criticizes the performance organizers.

By Sep 12, 2023
Yuvan Shankar Raja defends AR Rahman and criticizes the performance organizers.Yuvan Shankar Raja defends AR Rahman and criticizes the performance organizers.

In a statement, Yuvan Shankar Raja stated that he is aware of the situation and will support AR Rahman. He also stated that the event’s producers and organizers should think about what happened.

In Short

  • The event was called out for mismanagement.
  • AR Rahman performed at a live concert on September 10 at Chennai’s Adityaram Palace.
  • Yuvan Shankar Raja took to X to express his support for Rahman.

AR Rahman has made headlines following criticism of his ‘Marakuma Nenjam’ event in Chennai. Yuvan Shankar Raja, a fellow Tamil film composer, issued a statement in which he expressed his support for Rahman. In his statement, he slammed the event’s organizers and producers without naming them. He stated that artists must now participate in performance planning and safeguard the safety of women, children, and the old.


On September 10, AR Rahman played live at ‘Marakuma Nenjam’ at Adityaram Palace in Chennai. Due to overcrowding, many with valid tickets were not let inside, women were molested, and children and the elderly were displaced in the mob.

Yuvan Shankar Raja resorted to social media hours after the incident to voice his thoughts. He expressed his support for Rahman while criticizing the organizers.

“Organizing an event of the magnitude of a concert is an enormously complex task, involving numerous moving parts, from logistics and crowd control to traffic management,” he wrote in his post. As unpleasant as it is, catastrophes such as overcrowding and other unforeseen problems have occurred during such large-scale concerts for a variety of reasons, including organizational blunders. Even with the best intentions, things can go wrong, inflicting great pain to the people who make our music significant – our fans.”

He stated of the event organizers, “It’s critical that event producers and organizers reflect on this incident.” As artists, we rely on these producers to guarantee that everything runs well and that our fans are well taken care of while we’re performing. It is extremely disappointing to see such a situation evolve, and it even encourages artists, including myself, to take an active role in planning and safety precautions.”

He expressed his support for Rahman, saying, “As a fellow musician, I empathize with the situation and stand by AR Rahman, especially considering the unfortunate events, especially when the concert was intended to give the fans a memorable night, for all the right reasons.”

Yuvan closed his letter by expressing his hope that the event organizers will learn from their mistakes and make reforms to safeguard the safety of women, children, and the elderly.

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