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”You have defamed YSR” Kodali Warns Sharmila.

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''You have defamed YSR'' Kodali Warns Sharmila.''You have defamed YSR'' Kodali Warns Sharmila.

YSR: Following her appointment as the President of the Andhra Pradesh Congress, YS Sharmila has swiftly become the focus of verbal attacks from the YSRCP. Kodali Nani is the latest member of the YSRCP to criticize Sharmila.

”You have defamed YSR” Kodali Warns Sharmila.

According to Kodali, Sharmila led a phony campaign for Congress in Telangana, which has already damaged YSR’s reputation. He claimed that She had deceived the people of Telangana by posing as a “YSR bidda” and then merged YSRTP with the Congress party, which had humiliated the YS family and imprisoned Jagan. “She has arrived at AP, having already degraded the YSR tag in Telangana.” According to Kodali, She has allied herself with individuals such as Chandra Babu, Pawan Kalyan, Revanth Reddy, ABN RK, and Ramoji who have been praying for YSR’s collapse since the very beginning. He chastised her for hurling dirt at Jagan, who is preserving the relevance of YSR’s renown in AP.

“She ought to resolve her own conflicts in private. We will not support running political campaigns on the basis of this personal grudge. There will be repercussions. Kodali gave Sharmila a warning.

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