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Voting Trends: The Sluggish Hyderabad Voter!

By Nov 30, 2023
Voting Trends The Sluggish Hyderabad Voter!Voting Trends The Sluggish Hyderabad Voter!

Voting Trends: The Hyderabad electorate appears oblivious to the noisy campaigns, media commotion, and star appearances. Regardless of the intensity displayed by political leaders, the city’s citizens remain impassive and unmoved. Despite the protracted campaign season, which echoed through the streets for about 42 days, Hyderabad voters retain a calm temperament and appear undeterred by political passion.

On Thursday morning, polling stations sprung out along the streets and roadways, ostensibly simplifying accessibility with a polling station every few steps. The voters of Hyderabad, on the other hand, look unconcerned, their silence suggestive of disenchantment. While the election process has gained traction across the state, with people from various areas avidly participating, the reaction from Hyderabad has been quiet. – Voting Trends

Even celebrities, who frequently have little in common with the everyday lives of ordinary people, lined up to cast their ballots. It is noteworthy that patients, people with disabilities, and the elderly showed their support for democracy by actively voting in the election. In spite of these incidents, Hyderabad’s total voter participation as of midday is just 13 percent, a far cry from the district average of 35 percent.

Comments circulating that altering their thinking may be beyond the power of outside persuasion highlight concerns about Hyderabad voters’ degree of disenchantment and apathy over their unwillingness to participate fully in the political process.

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