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Telangana Exit Polls 2023: Congress Is Ahead of BRS

By Dec 1, 2023
Telangana Exit Polls 2023 Congress Is Ahead of BRSTelangana Exit Polls 2023 Congress Is Ahead of BRS

Telangana Exit Polls 2023: According to exit polls, the Congress party is leading the rival Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), led by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), in Telangana by a considerable margin. As to the exit polls conducted by India TV-CNX, the anticipated seat distribution indicates:

  • Congress: 63 to 79 Seats
  • BRS: 31 to 47 Seats

The indications from these exit polls point towards a positive outlook for the Congress in the 119-member assembly, notwithstanding the potential variations in the official results.

CNN Forecasts a Hung Assembly

CNN’s exit poll results show a potential hung assembly scenario in Telangana as polling booths close. CNN’s exit poll found that: – Telangana Exit Polls 2023

  • Congress: 56 Seats
  • BRS: 48 Seats
  • BJP: 10 Seats
  • MIM: 5 Seats

These figures point to a closely contested election in which no party is expected to win a landslide majority. However the precise result will only become known after the votes are officially counted, so the final results might differ.

C – PAC Exit Polls

AARAA forecasts Congress will win big in the elections.


Parthadas Survey

  • Congress: 68 Seats
  • BRS: 40 Seats
  • BJP: 4 Seats
  • MIM: 6 Seats
  • Others: 1 Seat

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