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TMC means ‘Tu, Main aur Corruption’: PM Modi’s new jibe at the Mamata administration

TMC means 'Tu, Main aur Corruption': PM Modi's new jibe at the Mamata administrationTMC means 'Tu, Main aur Corruption': PM Modi's new jibe at the Mamata administration

TMC: Speaking at a rally in Krishnanagar, West Bengal, PM Modi launched a stinging attack on Mamata Banerjee, claiming that MC stands for “Tu, Main aur Corruption”.

In short
  • Modi accuses the TMC of corruption, claiming that it stands for “Tu, Main, aur Corruption”
  • At the Krishnanagar event, the Prime Minister also stated the objective for the BJP to win all 42 seats in Bengal.
  • PM also stated that the Bengal government is siding with the accused in the Sandeshkhali incident.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday set a goal for the state BJP to win all 42 Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal, launching a vicious attack on the ruling TMC over corruption.

Speaking at a public gathering in the Nadia district of Krishnanagar, he claimed that the TMC stands for “Tu, Main aur Corruption” (you, me, and corruption).

He said to the audience at the “Bijoy Sankalpa Sabha” here, “Seeing you all gathered here in such huge numbers is giving me the confidence to say ‘NDA sarkar, 400 paar’.”

“The TMC is synonymous with atrocities, dynastic politics, and betrayal.” The people of West Bengal are dissatisfied with the way the state government is run,” he stated.

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Referring to the occurrences in Sandeshkhali in which women accused TMC officials of sexual abuse, Modi alleged that the state administration supported the accused rather than the “distressed mothers and sisters” of the area.

“The mothers and sisters pleaded for justice, yet the TMC government turned a deaf ear. They garnered votes invoking ‘Maa Mati Manush,’ but now, tears flow from the eyes of women across West Bengal. The state’s predicament is dire; criminals dictate the terms, even deciding when to face arrest,” he asserted. This poignant depiction of the current state of affairs in West Bengal paints a picture of disillusionment and betrayal, highlighting the stark disparity between political promises and ground realities.

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