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AP Politics: Does Pawan Only Rely On Kapu Voters?

By Ratnavali Mar 3, 2024 #Janasena #Pavan Kalyan
AP Politics: Does Pawan Only Rely On Kapu Voters?AP Politics: Does Pawan Only Rely On Kapu Voters?

AP Politics: Even though elections are quickly approaching, there is still uncertainty regarding the constituency that Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan would run from.

The rumors that he might favor the Pithapuram constituency have picked up steam all of a sudden. Pithapuram was also discussed before, but it gradually faded.

At first, Pawan declared that he would support Bhimavaram, but it became evident that he had abandoned the plan after inviting Pulaparthi Ramanjaneyulu, a former MLA, to run from Bhimavaram.   AP Politics

Meanwhile, Jana Sena party members, known as Jana Sainiks, revealed that the Pithapuram constituency gained prominence due to the proactive steps taken by the Jana Sena chief. He initiated two comprehensive surveys within the constituency to gauge his prospects of winning.

The principal factor driving the preference for Pithapuram is the substantial presence of the Kapu community within the constituency.

Sixty thousand of the 2.5 lakh voters in the Pithapuram constituency are Kapus.

According to the survey findings, if both Kapus and individuals from other castes unite to support Pawan Kalyan, his victory in the polls would be virtually assured.

In the twin Godavari districts, there has been a longstanding tension between the Kapu and BC communities. Similarly, relations between Kapus and SCs are also strained, indicating a lack of amicability between them.

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Amidst the pervasive division of society along caste lines, the critical question emerges: Will the electorate transcend these entrenched boundaries and opt to vote for the Jana Senani based on broader considerations beyond caste affiliations?

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