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Telangana Elections 2023: Freebies For Gated Communities & Apartment Buildings!

By Nov 18, 2023
Telangana Elections 2023: Freebies For Gated Communities & Apartment Buildings!Telangana Elections 2023

Telangana Elections 2023: Elections now function as a quid pro quo system, with candidates and political parties giving favors to the underprivileged and marginalized in exchange for votes. Remarkably, this arrangement has only ever applied to minorities and the “economically weaker” segments of society.

Recognizing the middle class’s resentment, political parties appeared to attempt to placate them as well by bringing them under the umbrella of freebies.

The candidates started touring apartment buildings and gated communities in different Telangana cities as part of this. It is said that the candidates hope to win over the votes of all the residents of the building when they meet with the representatives of the apartment buildings. Telangana Elections 2023

The apartment association representatives are currently attempting to take advantage of the situation by requesting the installation of solar power systems or CC camera arrangements for the complex. While some political candidates are paying for these demands, it has come to light that some are reluctant to give up the money because they lack confidence. Even after finishing their work, they wonder if the people who live in these apartments would still cast ballots for them.

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