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Sridevi to Asin and Shruti Hassan: What South Indian stars have said about working in Bollywood

By Sep 8, 2023
Sridevi to Asin and Shruti Hassan: What South Indian stars have said about working in BollywoodSridevi to Asin and Shruti Hassan: What South Indian stars have said about working in Bollywood

Sridevi to Asin and Shruti Hassan: A lot of female actors have appeared in Bollywood films over the years. Here are their thoughts on working in the sector.

Everyone is praising Nayanthara’s outstanding performance in Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan. The actress, dubbed ‘Lady Superstar’ by her fans, plays a cop pursuing a criminal responsible for several heists, who is played by Shah Rukh Khan.

Let’s know what lady South Indian stars think about Bollywood.


In Ghajini, she made her Bollywood debut alongside Aamir Khan. Her performance received great acclaim, and the film was a huge success. Asin went on to collaborate with other Bollywood actors such as Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, and Ajay Devgn.

The actress stated that it is incorrect to assume that she solely collaborates with celebrities in a 2014 interview with PTI. “That understanding is incorrect. I am thankful for the opportunity to work alongside seasoned actors. But other than that, I’m glad I got to work with seasoned performers. But aside from them, I’m willing to work on movies with anyone. The script needs to be adequate.

Genelia D’Souza

With the release of the Hindi film Tujhe Meri Kasam, Genelia made her acting debut. She co-starred with Imran Khan in Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, where fans still recognize her as Aditi. The actress noted, “It’s really good to see India is no longer regional cinema – South, North, Punjabi, or Marathi cinema,” in a recent interview with Siddharth Kannan in 2023. It covers you in Indian film. They have an extremely devoted fan base in the South. They have a film history behind them. I, however, played an outsider in two movies. However, at that time, they used to remark that Bollywood dropouts went to the South when I worked on South Asian films.

Shruti Hassan

The actress who has been in several Bollywood films stated, “I honestly have many times felt like an outsider, especially in Bollywood, where there is a whole North-South thing that constantly happens,” in an interview with Hindustan Times in 2020. They can argue, “Oh, but you’re not focusing on Hindi,” as if that were the only industry in the nation if I’m doing three Telugu films and three Tamil films. It’s also not. I have therefore always felt disconnected.

“As a person, I have always felt removed from the norms of what is expected of a woman or the way an actress is supposed to behave,” she had added. our is how things work in our industry. I still don’t understand what those so-called trade secrets are. As a result, I’ve always felt like an outsider. I wasn’t raised in a really filmic household. My parents were actors, but it was their only employment. It was an artistic abode, that was all. It was not expected of me to work in the film industry.”

Tamannah Bhatia

The actress made her debut in the 2005 Hindi film Chand Sa Roshan Chehra. Since then, the actress has appeared in more Tamil and Telugu films. Her most recent appearance was in the web series Aakhri Sach.

In a 2022 interview with Pinkvilla, she stated, “I think it is essential because fans in the south are very loyal.” I believe they are moved by the artists. It is a really particular and distinct connection for them. But I believe that kind of stardom exists in the North, but I believe it is limited to a few performers who have established themselves over a decade. That loyalty develops throughout time.”


The industry’s first female superstar reigned in Indian cinema, appearing in films in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada. Sridevi was reportedly the first Bollywood actress to charge one crore for one of her films.

“I am very happy that I got my identity because of this industry,” she remarked in a 2012 interview with Rediffi. I don’t believe that everybody can become an actress. This is not a joke. You must work extremely hard. You must commit your entire life to becoming the finest. It’s pointless to make a film only to be a member of the industry.”

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