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Skanda Box Office Collection Day 3: Ram Pothineni’s Action Drama Hopes for a Better Weekend Than Day 2

By Sep 30, 2023
Skanda Box Office Collection Day 3:Skanda

Skanda Box Office Collection Day 3: Ram Pothineni, an animated Tollywood star, just released the next heavy-action mass entertainer, titled Skanda. Ram, who excelled in the mass avatar alongside Ishmart Shankar, layered up a little bit more for Boyapati Srinu’s Skanda, a first in his career.

Skanda Box Office Collection Day 3: Ram Pothineni’s first film to be distributed across all of India is called Skanda, and it features Sreeleela, the sexiest actress in Telugu cinema. On September 28, the film premiered across the globe.

An unruly college student named Bhaskar (Ram Pothineni) is out to exact revenge for his family’s death. High-energy mass fights and action sequences are promised for the film, which is billed as an emotional action drama. For this part in contrast to previous ones, Ram Pothineni adopted a bulkier appearance and unkempt hair.

No such significant openings for Tollywood’s tier 2 heroes have occurred since Nani’s Dasara. In order to match or surpass the openings of Dasara, Ram Pothineni’s Skanda is now carrying hype. From all theaters in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana alone, it is anticipated that the movie will bring in roughly Rs 8 crore on its opening day.

Skanda, on the other hand, made approximately 11. 5 crore on its first day, exceeding expectations. However, due to the lack of substance in Boyapati’s direction, the film had to experience a decline in numbers the very next day.

First Day: 11.5 Crore

Second Day: 5.46 Crore

Third-Day: 6.55 Crore ( estimated )

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