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Revanth Reddy Isn’t Supreme: Kodali Nani on Appointment Rumors

Revanth Reddy Isn't Supreme: Kodali Nani on Appointment RumorsRevanth Reddy Isn't Supreme: Kodali Nani on Appointment Rumors

Revanth Reddy: Many people are spreading rumors that Telangana Chief Minister has refused to schedule a meeting with YSRCP leader Kodali Nani. When asked about the real story, Kodali Nani said that Revanth Reddy is not a supreme, mocking all the rumors. Kodali Nani said CM Jagan visited KCR due to the latter’s hip injury and surgery. He pointed out that Revanth Reddy did not undergo a hip injury, so there’s no need for a similar visit from our CM. Nani suggested that Revanth Reddy should embrace and enjoy his position as the CM of Telangana, emphasizing a lack of time for unnecessary visits.

‘First and foremost, we do not have time to worry about neighboring states and chief ministers. We have our own work in the state, and if we ever need an appointment with Revanth Reddy, we can make one with Sonia Gandhi in Delhi by phone. We are not a Congress party, and we have not supported any party in the recent Telangana election. kodali nani said. In response to inquiries about the absence of communication between YS Jagan and Revanth Reddy following the latter’s assumption of the Telangana CM role, Kodali Nani clarified that Jagan extended his best wishes via Twitter. Nani emphasized that questioning the need for personal calls was irrelevant, given the public expression of goodwill on social media.

Revanth Reddy Isn’t Supreme: Kodali Nani on Appointment Rumors

Addressing speculations surrounding potential changes in MLA candidates, Kodali Nani firmly stated that the Chief Minister is engaging in direct conversations with the candidates. Nani emphasized that these discussions involve clarifying whether any replacements are under consideration and the reasons behind such decisions. He urged everyone not to lend credence to unfounded rumors circulating about alterations in MLA candidates, emphasizing the importance of relying on verified information.

In response to inquiries regarding Kesineni Nani’s resignation, Kodali Nani criticised Chandrababu Naidu harshly once more, claiming that the leader of the TDP is selling Rajya Sabha and MLA seats.

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