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Rahul Gandhi in Kodiyathur is one of the five or six richest businessmen in India who use Modi as their instrument

Rahul Gandhi in Kodiyathur is one of the five or six richestRahul Gandhi in Kodiyathur is one of the five or six richest

Rahul Gandhi, a leader of the Congress party, alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi serves as a tool for India’s wealthiest businessmen. He pointed out that the prime minister seldom addresses issues such as unemployment or inflation, instead focusing on topics like the Olympics or performing rituals underwater.

“At a rally in Kerala’s Kodiyathur, Rahul Gandhi stated that the RSS and the BJP are actively working to undermine and alter India’s Constitution, while the Congress party and the INDIA alliance strive to uphold it. He accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being influenced by India’s wealthiest individuals, aiming to divert attention from pressing issues. Gandhi highlighted instances where Modi focused on activities like underwater rituals, promoting the Olympics in India, or lunar exploration, instead of addressing concerns like unemployment and inflation. He alleged that Modi prioritizes safeguarding the interests of the country’s richest individuals and pardoning their bank debts.”

He also mentioned PM Modi’s most recent conversation with ANI, a news agency. Referring to the electoral bonds program, Gandhi claimed that PM Modi was attempting to defend the “biggest corruption scandal on the planet.”

Gandhi stated, “I’m not sure if you saw his face or his eyes, but he was trying to defend the biggest corruption scandal on the planet, through which BJP has extorted thousands of crores of rupees from Indian businessmen.”

During the roadshow in Kodiyathur, Gandhi also accused PM Modi of allocating Rs 16 lakh crore to a select group of 20-25 individuals in the country, while neglecting to address crucial issues such as farmers’ concerns, unemployment, and inflation.

As part of his ongoing campaign for the Lok Sabha elections 2024, Gandhi led a sizable roadshow departing from Kodiyathur around 11:30 am. He is joined by hundreds of party workers and supporters.

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The Congress leader aims to secure victory once more in Wayanad, where he previously won by a significant margin of 4,31,770 votes during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

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