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Posani ‘s ‘Cuss’ Attainment of Ramoji

Posani 's 'Cuss' Attainment of RamojiPosani 's 'Cuss' Attainment of Ramoji

Posani Krishna Murali, leader of the YCP, lashed out at Eenadu Group Chairman Ramoji Rao for publishing false and fabricated reports about government schemes being implemented by their government. Posani specifically referred to a report that stated that schoolchildren were misusing the government-issued BYJU tablets to watch pornographic movies.

“These allegations are baseless because the manufacturers had already installed the lock to prevent children from viewing adult content, he said, yelling at Ramoji Rao, “Stupid fellow… You should be ashamed.”

Posani’s expletives and cusswords directed at Ramoji Rao brought to mind former minister and YCP loudmouth Kodali Nani, who used derogatory and objectionable language directed at Opposition leader and TDP chief N. Chandrababu Naidu. Posani, disregarding Ramoji Rao’s age, claimed that he heard rumors about Rao using ‘viagra’ now, even though he is an octagenarian. Within a few seconds, he contradicted himself again, claiming to have heard the buzz 20 years ago.

The actor-turned-politician recalled working as a manager in the Margadarsi branch in Secunderabad in 1985. I had a lot of respect for Ramoji Rao at the time because I thought he was a good man. “Now, I understood that he is looting people’s money to build his own castles.” He also made fun of Margadarsi employees, claiming that each of them was paid Rs 10 lakh per month.

You want your ally Chandrababu Naidu to be the sole Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh; you want only a Kamma to hold that office.

Posani continued his scathing attack by recalling how his newspaper had once championed prohibition, flying huge fonts to represent it, but had since toned down its reporting in favor of the sale of alcoholic beverages after realizing that alcohol was required for the state to make money.

Simultaneously, Posani criticized Ramoji Rao for damaging the reputation of YCP leader Lakshmi Parvati through multiple reports in Eenadu, accusing him of ruining her life. TDP founder NTR married Lakshmi Parvati due to geriatric problems, but you didn’t let the couple live in peace, Posani added.

The YCP government, led by CM Jagan Mohan Reddy, is providing pensions to Kammas as well. Pensions are also taken out by the wealthy and affluent. So, why aren’t you reporting on such facts?

Posani asked why Ramoji Rao should distribute ‘free gyan’ to voters while showing a video on his phone of an Eenadu paper agent explaining that Eenadu newspaper would be distributed free of charge as a complimentary ahead of the elections. You are rich and can even distribute money too along with the newspapers to make them literate and self-sufficient, he said.

Posani’s ‘Cuss’ Attainment of Ramoji

TDP leaders reacted angrily to these remarks, claiming that the CM could then distribute funds from his own pocket. “Jagan is also wealthy. “Why should he distribute public funds to the poor while claiming to be more concerned about the welfare of the oppressed?” they questioned.

Posani claimed that Ramoji Rao backstabbed one JJ Reddy in order to become the Telugu states’ media baron. With elections approaching, more such antics and diatribes from both the YCP and TDP are likely in the coming days.

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