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CCTV records the moment of China’s 6.2-magnitude earthquake.

CCTV records the moment of China's 6.2-magnitude earthquake.CCTV records the moment of China's 6.2-magnitude earthquake.

CCTV: A room is seen on the CCTV camera with the timestamp at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, according to a video posted by People’s Daily China. A rumbling noise in the background is audible a few moments later, and the entire room begins to shake.

CCTV footage shows the exact moment a 6.2-magnitude earthquake that rocked Gansu province in northwest China on Monday night left over 230 people injured and killed 111 people.

According to state news agency Xinhua, people fled into the streets in search of safety as a result of the earthquake, which brought down homes and caused other major damage.

The earthquake causes the room to tremble, and some of the wooden sticks fall from the roof to the ground.

The footage captures the exterior view of the building after the earthquake, with the walls of the room cracked open by the tremors’ impact.

According to reports from state media, the earthquake struck China’s Gansu-Qinghai border region on Tuesday.

The epicenter of the earthquake, which took place at a depth of 35 km and was located 102 km to the west-southwest of Lanzhou, the provincial capital of Gansu, according to the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre. If anyone is missing in the aftermath of the earthquake, it has not been mentioned in official reports.

According to state media, rescue and relief efforts were underway, and a working group had been sent out to evaluate the disaster’s effects and offer recommendations for local relief efforts.

Before dawn on Tuesday, nine aftershocks with a magnitude of 3.0 or higher were recorded, according to China Central Television.

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