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Politics: Naidu, Pawan is very confident, but Jagan is quiet

Politics: Naidu, Pawan is very confident, but Jagan is quietPolitics

Politics: After the conclusion of the long-awaited polling process in Andhra Pradesh, with the state registering a remarkable turnout of around 80% yesterday, the political landscape was abuzz with activity. TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and JSP chief Pawan Kalyan wasted no time and immediately engaged with the media in Varanasi. This interaction coincided with their participation in the nomination filing event of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

When questioned about their assessments regarding the polling trends in Andhra Pradesh, both Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu Naidu exuded unwavering confidence, each projecting their party’s success with 100% certainty.

I am certain that the NDA is going to form the government, stated Pawan Kalyan. Although he could not provide a precise seat estimate, he declared with confidence that the NDA would form the government. -Politics

Chandrababu Naidu expressed a similar sentiment, affirming, “With the completion of polling in Andhra Pradesh, we are confident about our government formation. It’s a done deal. I can assure you with complete certainty that the NDA will indeed form the government.” His words carried a strong belief in the outcome and the NDA’s likelihood of success.

While Naidu and Pawan exude confidence in their claims of favorable election results, YSR Congress chief and sitting CM, Jagan Mohan Reddy, has been conspicuously absent. Remaining silent on the electoral trends, he has not yet delivered his post-poll address. Furthermore, it’s been reported that he is scheduled to embark on a vacation on May 17th and will only return towards the end of the month. This absence from the political arena during such a crucial time adds an air of mystery to his stance on the election outcomes.

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