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AP Polls: When Are Exit Polls Released?

AP Polls: When Are Exit Polls Released?AP Polls

AP Polls: The polling in Andhra Pradesh concluded last night, marking the conclusion of the electoral process. The final voter participation count is much anticipated since the EC is supposed to release an official update on it today. According to cautious projections, the final poll count may be close to 80%, which is comparable to the results of the 2019 elections.

In addition to the ongoing excitement over voter participation, a lot of people are looking forward to the release of the exit poll results. -AP Polls

The wait for the exit poll results of the Andhra Pradesh elections is set to continue for a while longer. The Election Commission has issued a clear directive, imposing a blanket ban on exit polls until the 1st of June. According to the mandate, these exit polls can only be released once all parts of India have concluded their respective elections, a process slated to wrap up by the aforementioned date.

Given the current ban in place, media outlets and survey agencies are only permitted to release the exit polls on June 1st, just three days before the official counting begins. As soon as 6 PM rolls around on June 1st and all phases of polling across India are completed, the much-awaited exit polls regarding the Andhra Pradesh elections could hit the airwaves at any moment.

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