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Politics: Are they dissatisfied with KCR?

By Nov 26, 2023
Politics: Are they dissatisfied with KCR?Politics: Are they dissatisfied with KCR?

Politics: BRS’s attempts to win over Muslim voters in the next elections have fallen short. The Muslim minority has chosen to back the Congress party since they are already unhappy with BRS. At least 40 of the 119 seats that make up the key constituencies are Muslim, and about 20 of them have the power to influence the election’s result.

BRS was unprepared for this change of events since it appears that alienating the Muslim community—a significant electoral bloc—was a tactical mistake. Discontent has been exacerbated by KCR, KTR, and Harish Rao’s resistance to important topics, despite their claims about how well they treat Muslims.

The inability to deliver on commitments made over the past ten years for the advancement of Muslim communities is a major cause of annoyance. Discontent has increased as a result of the government’s incapacity to provide loans through the Minority Finance Corporation. Furthermore, BRS did not provide tickets to Muslim candidates in the most recent elections. In stark contrast to this choice, the Congress nominated Muslim candidates and included their issues in the party agenda. – Politics

The lack of representation for Muslims in the BRS lineup and the party’s unwillingness to add issues to its manifesto at the request of Muslim elders have created a climate of distrust among Muslims. BRS has made several unsuccessful attempts to enlist Mawlawis, imams, and MIM President Asaduddin in their cause.

On the other hand, a majority of Muslim voters have switched their loyalty to the Congress party due to its response to the needs of the Muslim community, including ticket distribution and platform concerns. Muslim voters’ choices will have a big influence on BRS in a lot of constituencies, which might cause problems for them in the next elections.

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