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Political news: Naidu faces a harder challenge in this endeavor

Political news: Naidu faces a harder challenge in this endeavorPolitical news: Naidu faces a harder challenge in this endeavor

Political news: The efforts by TDP supremo N. Chandrababu Naidu to relocate senior party leaders from their native constituencies to new locations appear to be faltering.

Naidu found it necessary to rearrange the constituencies of senior TDP leaders to make room for those joining the party from YCP, as well as leaders from Jana Sena.

However, the senior party leaders are being stubborn and are refusing to move from their native constituencies.

Ganta Srinivasa Rao was asked to move from Vizag to Cheepurupalli in Vizianagaram district, but he declined. Initially, Ganta requested time to consider the proposal, but eventually, he deemed it unfeasible. – Political news

Even Kala Venkatrao remained steadfast when he was requested to move from his native Nellimarla to Vizag, which had been allocated to Jana Sena as part of a seat-sharing arrangement.

Naidu had already announced Lokam Madhavi as the candidate for this constituency. However, it is reported that Kala Venkat Rao is still insisting on receiving the ticket for the same constituency.

Vasanta Krishna Prasad, who broke with the YCP, is expected to be given the Mailavaram electorate by Naidu; however, Devineni Umamaheswara Rao, the senior leader of the party, is adamant about running from the same seat. Devineni is being invited by Naidu to run from Penamaluru.

Simultaneously, former MLA Bode Prasad had already informed Naidu that he would not entertain the idea of anyone else contesting from Penamaluru.

In Dhone, the TDP chief decided to replace the incumbent Dharmavaram Subbareddy with Kotla Suryaprakash Reddy and even declared the name, but Subbareddy is feeling aggrieved.

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Subbareddy even organized a large rally in Dhone to demonstrate his influence and support.

Another senior TDP leader, Gorantla Bucchaiah Chowdary, remains steadfast in his decision to contest from his native Rajahmundry Rural constituency.

It remains to be seen how Naidu will manage to reconcile with all the senior party leaders and convince them to comply with his requests.

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