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Nikki Haley is withdrawing from the Republican presidential contest

Nikki Haley is withdrawing from the Republican presidential contestNikki Haley is withdrawing from the Republican presidential contest

Nikki Haley: In a speech on Wednesday morning, Indian-American contender Nikki Haley said that she would not be running in the Republican presidential primary. This means that Donald Trump will represent the party in November’s election

Key Points
  • On Wednesday, Nikki Haley decided to halt her presidential campaign.
  • This action made it possible for Donald Trump to secure the Republican nomination
  • The US presidential election is set for November of 2024.

Nikki Haley, a former US ambassador to the United Nations and Republican presidential contender, withdrew her campaign on Wednesday, leaving former President Donald Trump as the party’s sole nominee.

“It is now appropriate for me to put my campaign on hold. I expressed my desire for Americans to be heard. That’s what I’ve done. Haley declared, “I have no regrets,” announcing her withdrawal from the presidential contest.

According to reports, Haley decided to withdraw from the US presidential vote after Super Tuesday’s primary races saw her lose all but one state, Vermont.

During her speech today, the Indian-American candidate refrained from endorsing Trump, instead advising the former US President to aggressively pursue the backing of Republican and independent voters who had previously supported her.

Nikki Haley is withdrawing from the Republican presidential contest

“He bears the onus to secure the votes of both our party members and individuals outside its sphere,” she stated. My wish is for him to accomplish this.

Notably, in their respective parties’ presidential nomination contests, which were contested in fifteen US states, Trump and Democratic Party President Joe Biden triumphed.

Following the results of Super Tuesday’s election, 77-year-old Trump emerged victorious over Haley, the only other Republican contender, in the delegates count. Trump won impressively in Texas, California, and eleven other states; however, Haley’s victory in Vermont prevented him from winning a landslide.

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But for one of the two contenders to secure the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, 1,215 delegates must be chosen during the primaries. Following Super Tuesday, Haley had only 86 delegates in her kitty, compared to 244 that Trump had.

Appointed to serve in Trump’s Cabinet from 2017 to 2018, Nikki Haley distinguished herself as the first prominent Republican to launch a challenge against the former US President in February 2023.

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