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PM Modi gives Ayodhya the Maharishi Valmiki Airport; phase two includes international flights

PM Modi gives Ayodhya the Maharishi Valmiki AirportPM Modi gives Ayodhya the Maharishi Valmiki Airport

PM Modi ‘s visit to Ayodhya: The first phase of the cutting-edge Maharishi Valmiki International Airport was built at a cost exceeding ₹1,450 crore.

Shortly after inaugurating the renovated Ayodhya railway station and virtually launching two Amrit Bharat and six Vande Bharat trains, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday opened Maharishi Valmiki International Airport in the Uttar Pradesh temple town.

More than ₹1450 crore was spent on the development of Phase 1 of the cutting-edge airport.

The 6,500 square meter airport terminal building will be equipped to handle roughly 10 lakh passengers a year. Local artwork, including paintings and murals that portray Lord Ram’s life, adorns the interior of the terminal building. An insulated roofing system, LED lighting, rainwater harvesting, fountain-filled landscaping, a water treatment plant, a sewage treatment plant, a solar power plant, and many more sustainability features are installed in the terminal building of the Ayodhya airport in order to meet GRIHA’s 5-star ratings.

The airport will increase connectivity throughout the area, which will promote business, tourism, and job growth. Modi has outlined his plans to build Ayodhya with cutting-edge, contemporary infrastructure, enhance connectivity, and renovate its public spaces all while adhering to the city’s rich cultural legacy.

The temple town’s civic amenities will be remodeled and beautified as a result of the laying of the foundation stones for several other new projects.

Facts about the Maharishi Valmiki International Airport in Ayodhya

  • Director General Civil Aviation (DGCA) recently granted permission for Maharishi Valmiki International Airport in Ayodhya to operate flights.
  • In the first phase, Airbus A320, ATR-72, and Bombardier private jets can land and take off on its 2,200-meter-long by 45-meter-wide runway.
  • In the second phase, the runway would be extended to 3,200 meters, allowing the airport to accommodate international flights. On 821 acres, it is being developed in three stages.
  • The Doppler Very High Frequency Omni Range (DVOR) radio navigation system, according to an Airports Authority of India (AAI) official, is installed on the runway to assist aircraft in determining their flight position and direction in relation to their destination using VHF (very high frequency) signals between 108.00 and 117.95 MHz sent from a radio beacon.
  • Constructed at an estimated expense of ₹1462.97 crore, the state-of-the-art airport represents the life journey of Lord Ram and features distinctive architecture that adheres to the ‘Nagara Style,’ delineated by scriptures, offering passengers a culturally rich welcome. According to a government release, the airport is decorated with images of Lord Ram on different levels.
  • An installation of a mural outside the airport symbolizes Lord Ram’s unwavering efforts and features a bow and arrow. The five elements (Panch Tatva) are represented by colors used in the airport’s landscaping.
  • The airport’s main building has seven pillars, each of which intricately depicts a key scene from the Ramayana.
  • Additionally, there are two different kinds of mural plaques at the airport: “Daivik and Khandika.” Furthermore, a wall mural portraying Lord Hanuman’s entire journey has been installed in his honor. The airport offers a captivating experience for visitors, as it also features a striking three-story high “Ram Darbar” and a Madhubani painting depicting the marriage of Sita and Ram.
  • Three daily flights will operate between Ahmedabad and Ayodhya starting on January 11. In addition, the inaugural flight between Delhi and Ayodhya is scheduled to launch on January 6. Once the first flights are launched, this airport will be used for international flights. This will mean that Ayodhya will be directly linked to the world circuit, which is a proud moment.

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