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Jagananna, you’re wrong!

Jagananna, you're wrong!Jagananna, you're wrong!

Jagananna: Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy prioritizes education in schools and colleges because he believes that education alone can empower young in the state. Amma Vodi, Nadu-Nedu, and Jagananna Deevena, the flagship programmes of the YCP, were highly regarded and valued by a number of educationists and reformers both in India and beyond.

It is shocking in this context that the YCP administration used coercive measures to force the private schools to submit to the authorities’ threats in order to hold the CM‘s “Siddham” meeting. The state administration reportedly requested that the Intermediate exams, which were supposed to take place on Saturday, be postponed in order to accommodate Jagan’s “Siddham” electioneering meet in Denduluru, Eluru district. To mobilize the YCP cadre to the meeting location, the government also ordered private educational institutions in seven neighboring districts of Denduluru to lend their school buses.

Jagananna, you’re wrong!

Because there were no buses available to take their pupils, the schools were forced to proclaim holidays. In addition, the RTC personnel disregarded the directive to reroute 1,357 buses from 11 districts in Palnadu to Anakapalle in preparation for Jagan’s Saturday meeting in Denduluru. To this day, the Palle Velugu busses are still cancelled. Buses from Vijayawada city were also rerouted to the Denduluru meet. Remarkably, even when the opposition parties approached the RTC officials to lend their buses for TDP programs like Yuvagalam, the officials were directed to refuse permission to the opposition parties’ programs.

Officials reportedly requested that parents hold classes on Sunday as recompense for the loss when they learned that the parents were strongly opposed to the unexpectedly announced holiday. It is important to highlight that holidays for Jagan’s meetings are not new. Several times in the last five years, school holidays have been announced to enable Jagan’s gatherings, with school buses redirected to mobilize the YCP cadre.

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