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Is Revanth Reddy entering Andhra Pradesh for campaigning?

Is Revanth Reddy entering Andhra Pradesh for campaigning?Is Revanth Reddy entering Andhra Pradesh for campaigning?

Revanth Reddy: With the elections in Andhra Pradesh quickly approaching, YS Sharmila, the recently chosen president of the AP Congress, is making every effort to end “dictator rule” in the state. She talked about current political issues with Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy last week in an attempt to strengthen Congress’s poll campaign. Following Sharmila’s flight to Delhi to meet Sonia Gandhi, this meeting took place.

According to recent reports, Sharmila has presented her proposal to Sonia Gandhi regarding bringing the renowned orator and dynamic leader Revanth Reddy to Andhra Pradesh for the upcoming poll campaign. Internal discussions suggest that Sonia has approved the plan. Following this, Sharmila approached Revanth himself, and he responded positively. As a result, it seems likely that Revanth will soon join the election campaign in Andhra Pradesh.

Currently, Sharmila is occupied with the wedding celebrations of her son, Raja Reddy. However, there are indications that she may organize a significant public gathering on February 20th, with the presence of prominent Congress leaders.

Returning to Revanth Reddy’s AP public meeting, it might happen before the end of this month. According to reports, the plan is being made to organize the event in Vizag sometime in late February. Not only could Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah attend this conference, but Telangana CM Revanth Reddy as well. Given the importance of this large-scale polling event, Congress’s platform might be revealed there as well.

Having secured victories in Karnataka and Telangana, the Congress is actively striving to strengthen its position in Andhra Pradesh. The addition of Revanth Reddy could catalyze this endeavor. Witnessing the collaboration of two formidable orators, Sharmila and Revanth, on the same platform has the potential to significantly boost the morale of AP Congress workers.








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