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Haldwani communal violence: more than 100 injured, 4 dead. School closures and internet disruptions

Haldwani communal violence: more than 100 injured, 4 dead. School closures and internet disruptionsHaldwani communal violence: more than 100 injured, 4 dead. School closures and internet disruptions

Haldwani communal violence: On Thursday evening, Haldwani was gripped by communal tension as rioting broke out over the demolition of an “illegally built” madrasa.

Communal tension gripped the Haldwani area of the Nainital district on Thursday evening as violence broke out in Banbhoolpura over the destruction of an “illegally built” madrasa, according to officials acquainted with the situation. The district magistrate of Banbhoolpura has imposed a curfew. The rioters have also received a shot-at-sight order.

The Banbhoolpura violence has resulted in three to four deaths and over 100 injuries, mostly to police officers, according to Nainital district magistrate Vandana (who goes by her first name). To preserve law and order, Vandana added that a curfew has been implemented in Haldwani and that internet access has been blocked throughout the city. She also mentioned that a directive has been made to keep the local schools closed.

Important developments on communal violence in Haldwani:

  • A curfew has been enforced in Halwani following reports of residents setting vehicles ablaze and throwing stones, resulting in injuries to at least 100 individuals. The unrest erupted due to the demolition of a madrasa deemed “illegally constructed.”
  • Police stated that the majority of the injured individuals were admitted to hospitals following the outbreak of violence in the Banbhoolpura area of the city. The violence occurred as police personnel and municipal workers were engaged in the demolition of a local madrasa.
  • Senior Superintendent of Police Prahlad Meena stated that a notice had been issued earlier regarding the illegal construction of the madrasa on government land.
  • Nainital District Magistrate Vandana addressed the violence outside the Banbhoolpura police station, stating that some individuals fired weapons, the legality of which is currently under investigation. In response, the police discharged their firearms into the air. Three to four individuals, who had sustained bullet wounds, were brought to hospitals and pronounced dead. The identification process for the deceased is ongoing. We must await further details to determine whether their deaths resulted from police gunfire or from shots fired by individuals among them,” the DM explained.
  • Vandana asserted that the rioters attempted to set fire to the Banbhoolpura police station. “Our policemen were stationed at the police station during the incident. However, the police force effectively restrained them and prevented their entry into the station. Subsequently, the violence escalated and spread to the Gandhi Nagar area near Banbhoolpura,” she explained.
  • The DM asserted that the violence seemed to be “premeditated and without provocation,” noting that “stones had been stockpiled in homes beforehand.” She further stated that the rioters had even utilized petrol bombs.
  • As per the DM, the situation is currently under control. The violence in Banbhoolpura has been contained and prevented from spreading to the central city area. “Paramilitary forces have been stationed in the vicinity, with more en route. Additionally, additional police personnel from neighboring districts have been deployed across the city to uphold law and order,” she informed.

CM Dhami summons a meeting.

In the capital city of Dehradun, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami convened a meeting with senior officials. SSP Meena stated that the demolition took place in the presence of Municipal Commissioner Pankaj Upadhyay, City Magistrate Richa Singh, and SDM Paritosh Verma.

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