Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Chandra Babu vs Kodali Nani: Gudivada is on high alert.

Chandra Babu vs Kodali Nani: Gudivada is on high alert.Chandra Babu vs Kodali Nani

Chandra Babu: Today holds significance as it marks Sr. NTR Vardhanthi, and in Gudivada, there is a palpable political fervor. The anticipation is heightened as TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu is scheduled to visit the constituency. Babu’s active participation in the TDP-organized Raa Kadalira program in Gudivada today is expected to draw substantial attention, with the public meeting likely to attract a large and enthusiastic crowd.

On a contrasting note, the current YCP MLA, Kodali Nani, has a penchant for political sparring with Chandra Babu. In a strategic move to bolster his political standing, Nani is orchestrating an elaborate observance of NTR Vardhanthi. With a series of planned events, he is incorporating images of Jr NTR and Harikrishna, aiming to lend grandeur to the commemoration. TDP’s banners feature pictures of Babu, Pawan Kalyan, and Sr NTR, whereas Kodali’s banners showcase images of Jr NTR, Harikrishna, and Sr NTR. The town is completely adorned with these banners and posters from the two conflicting factions. With both Chandra Babu and Kodali Nani actively present in Gudivada simultaneously, the town is reportedly immersed in a sea of banners.

Because both Babu and Kodali are hosting significant political gatherings, the police department is likewise on high alert to prevent any potential problems with law and order. Thus, there is already an electoral vibe in Gudivada.

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