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Bihar C.M: If Words Wrong…: Nitish Kumar’s Statement of Repentance Regarding Population Control Row

By Nov 8, 2023
Bihar C.M: If Words Wrong…: Nitish Kumar's Statement of Repentance Regarding Population Control RowBihar C.M: If Words Wrong…: Nitish Kumar's Statement of Repentance Regarding Population Control Row

Bihar C.M: While Nitish Kumar was elucidating the reasons behind Bihar’s decline in fertility from 4.2 to 2.9 percent, the opposition BJP denounced his wording as vulgar.

Bihar C.M Nitish Kumar has expressed regret for derogatory remarks he made in the state Assembly on Tuesday afternoon regarding the contribution of women’s education to population control. I retract my statements and offer my apology. If anything I said was inaccurate, I apologize.
I take back anyone who got hurt, he declared.

I didn’t mean for my words to cause harm to anyone. I’ve always believed that controlling the population requires education. Additionally, I have advocated for the advancement and empowerment of women.

He made the divisive comments while outlining the reasons behind Bihar’s fertility rate decline from 4.2 to 2.9%. But the BJP denounced the language as “shameful,” “disgusting,” and “vulgar,” and National Commission for Women head Rekha Sharma called for Nitish Kumar to issue an apology.

Commentaries perceived the statements as crass attempts to place the burden of population control on women.

He responded to loud protests in the Assembly shortly afterward by asking, “Why are all of you making noise? He yelled back, I told you… you saw the reporters asked me and I explained.

Nitish Kumar was defended by his deputy, Tejashwi Yadav, who asserted that the Chief Minister was discussing sex education in schools, as the controversy surrounding his remarks intensified yesterday.

“Let me make something clear. The Chief Minister mentioned sex education in her remarks. Although this is a topic that is taught in schools, people get hesitant about it. He stated what must be done nearly.

Notwithstanding the attempt at clarification, the BJP singled out Nitish Kumar, branding him a man “whose mind is infested with worms from B-grade adult films” by the opposition party, which had previously been his ally.

The Lok Sabha member from Ujiarpur, Bihar, Nityanand Rai, a union minister, claimed that Nitish Kumar had lost his “mental stability” and criticized the Deputy Chief Minister for standing up for his boss.

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