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Arvind Kejriwal vs. ED revolves around mangoes; Delhi court notices “deviation,” reserves verdict on Monday

Arvind Kejriwal vs. ED revolves around mangoes; Delhi courtArvind Kejriwal vs. ED

Arvind Kejriwal vs. ED: Is Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, “deliberately” consuming sweets and mangoes to raise his blood sugar levels? On Monday, the Delhi Court will render a decision on the Chief Minister’s new request for permission to see a doctor every day for 15 minutes.

During a court hearing on Friday, the court noted that there appeared to be a “deviation” between what Kejriwal was permitted to consume in a home-cooked lunch and what was provided to him. “There are undoubtedly deviations. And they are not under the court’s order,” Live Law said.

What is the Case

On Friday, Kejriwal filed a new petition, requesting that jail authorities give insulin and enable him to meet with his doctor via video conference for 15 minutes every day. He also requested that his wife join and remain present during the video conference.

The event occurred a day after his counsel stated that he would withdraw the previous petition and “file a better one.”

The Delhi Chief Minister stated that since his judicial custody, his blood sugar levels have fluctuated at an alarming pace due to severe diabetes, posing a significant risk to his health.

On Thursday, the court requested that the jail administration provide a report on Kejriwal’s nutrition at Tihar jail, along with a list of the medications he had consumed.

The dispute around mangoes during the hearing on Friday

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) said on Thursday that Kejriwal is “deliberately eating mangoes and sweets” in jail, despite being a diabetic, to raise his blood sugar level and create a medical basis for his release on bail.

However, Kejriwal’s attorney refuted the Enforcement Directorate’s charge that the Delhi Chief Minister is eating mangoes and sweets despite being a diabetic patient to get bail on medical grounds.

What happened during Friday’s hearing?

While the ED said on Friday that “the substance of his [Kejriwal’s] food does not fit the prescribed diet of the doctor,” the Delhi CM’s lawyer contended that “mangoes were only present in three of the 48 meals received from home.  -Arvind Kejriwal vs. ED

“No mangoes were sent after April 8. The mangos have been designed to resemble sugar bullets. Bar and Bench described Kejriwal’s counsel, Abhishek Singhvi, as noting that their sugar content is substantially lower than that of brown or white rice.

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“They claimed I used sugar with tea. I made my tea without any sugar. Because I am diabetic. ED may be quite petty, political, and absurd. I’m asking the court to direct the jail superintendent to guarantee proper treatment is provided. It does not imply that because I am a prisoner, I have no right to healthcare.” Kejriwal’s lawyer said.

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