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AP Politics: Operation Pithapuram This is Jagan’s big plan for Pawan’s defeat

AP Politics: Operation Pithapuram This is Jagan's big plan for Pawan's defeatAP Politics: Operation Pithapuram This is Jagan's big plan for Pawan's defeat

AP Politics: Pithapuram is in first place among the assembly constituencies that are causing the most excitement in the upcoming assembly elections in AP. As soon as the signals came that Pawan Kalyan was contesting here, CM YS Jagan started preparing all the weapons. Pawan Kalyan started using those weapons when he announced his candidacy. As Pawan has lost in the two seats he contested in the past, it is expected that if he loses in Pithapuram this time too, he will get a hat-trick record.

Jagan is intensifying his strategies to defeat Pawan Kalyan after announcing that he is contesting in the Pithapuram assembly seat in the Kakinada district. As part of this, all available weapons are being used. In-charges have been appointed mandal-wise, especially in the Pithapuram assembly seat.

Key leaders have been appointed as in-charges for Pithapuram, Gollaprolu, and U.Kottapalli mandals in the constituency. – AP Politics

To this extent, the regional coordinator of both Godavari districts, Midhun Reddy, who has given special focus on Pithapuram, has appointed former minister Kurasala Kannababu as the in-charge of Gollaprolu mandal. Also, Minister Dashetty Raja is being sent as the coordinator for U. Kottapalli Mandal. Also, how is Vanga Geeta in Pithapuram? At the same time, Mudragada Padmanabha, a key leader who joined the party recently, was brought into the field to guide the Kapu leaders in the constituency.

Kakinada City MLA to implement money, poll management, and other strategies in Pithapuram during elections

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Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar Reddy was selected. All of them have already entered the field. Mudragada Padmanabham recently held a secret meeting with Kapu leaders in Gollaprolu. Also, U. Kottapalli held a meeting with the fishermen leaders. This time they want to not vote for Pawan anyway.

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