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AP News: Special Status – Is It Dead?

AP News: Special Status - Is It Dead?AP News: Special Status - Is It Dead?

AP News: The issue of Special Category Status, which held significant prominence in both the 2019 and 2014 elections, has become neglected in the 2024 campaign, with the major political parties in the state remaining silent on the matter. Neither Chief Minister Jagan, Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu, nor Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan have mentioned “Special Status” during their election campaigns.

As the voting date in Andhra Pradesh draws closer, the top political parties are intensifying their campaign efforts. In the midst of this, neither YSRCP’s Memantha Siddham nor TDP’s Praja Galam meetings are making any mention of the Special Status issue. Despite YSRCP’s success in securing 22 out of 25 MP seats, they have not fulfilled their promise regarding the Special Status. Meanwhile, TDP and Janasena seem to be avoiding emphasizing Jagan’s failure to obtain Special Status for the state.

Given that the BJP is a crucial ally of both TDP and Janasena and considering that it is the ruling party at the Centre responsible for addressing the Special Status issue, TDP+ appears to be maintaining silence on the matter. They may fear that pointing fingers at the BJP could potentially backfire on them.

Certainly, the YSRCP refrains from discussing the Special Status matter, considering its failure to fulfill its 2019 election promise. Jagan’s efforts to maintain a positive relationship with PM Modi also contribute to this silence. Despite being a critical issue in the previous two elections, it appears to have become a “closed chapter” in the current political landscape. -AP News


The Congress party, although insignificant in Andhra Pradesh, is the only one still promising to address the Special Status issue. However, there are no indications of a Congress revival shortly. Consequently, the people of Andhra Pradesh are gradually losing hope in the attainment of Special Status, especially as all the state’s top leaders seem to have compromised on this matter.

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