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TDP: For the first time in TDP’s history, there is a record of ‘0’.

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TDP: For the first time in TDP's history, there is a record of '0'.TDP: For the first time in TDP's history, there is a record of '0'.

TDP: The Telugu Desam Party will not have any representation in the Upper House of Parliament for the first time in its existence. The tenure of the party’s sole member, Kanakamedala Ravindra, will end on April 2. Although the nomination filing process for the Rajya Sabha seats concluded on Wednesday, no party leader submitted their nomination.

In the meantime, with the strength of numbers in the Assembly, the ruling YCP will take all three of the RS seats that would become vacant. There are currently 245 members of the Upper House of the Parliament, whereas there should be fewer than 250. Of them, the president would nominate the remaining 12 members, with the remaining 233 chosen by their respective state legislatures. There are eleven members of the Rajya Sabha from the AP state quota. Before 2019, the TDP and YCP both had nine members of parliament; however, the TDP’s number of RS seats decreased after the YCP got 151 seats.

The terms of Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar (TD), CM Ramesh (BJP), and Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy (YCP) would end on April 2. Every Rajya Sabha member must receive more than 44 votes to be elected. Now, the YCP would win all three seats with the backing of 151 MLAs, increasing the party’s strength in the Upper House to 11. Without a single representative from the opposition parties, the YCP would hold all of the RS seats in the AP quota.

With only 22 MLAs, the TDP will have significant challenges in winning at least one seat. Elections for the three AP seats that will soon become vacant in the RS will be conducted on February 27.

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