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AP CM to release Rs 7.98 crore for ‘Law Nestham’ on Dec 11.

AP CM to release Rs 7.98 crore for 'Law Nestham' on Dec 11.AP CM to release Rs 7.98 crore for 'Law Nestham' on Dec 11.

AP CM: In the last four and a half years, the government has disbursed Rs 49.51 crore in financial assistance to 6,069 beneficiaries under the scheme.

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will deposit Rs 7.98 crore into the bank accounts of 2,807 eligible junior advocates in the State (Rs 5,000 as a stipend per month for six months) under the YSR Law Nestham scheme on Monday by clicking the button.

Under the Law Nestham program, the government gives each beneficiary Rs 30,000. It is supporting junior advocates who have just begun their careers by giving them a stipend of Rs 1.80 lakh per beneficiary for three years, payable in two installments of Rs 60,000 annually. Over the last four and a half years, the government has provided 6,069 beneficiaries with financial assistance totaling Rs 49.51 crore under the scheme. – AP CM

The government has been crediting the aid once every six months under the scheme to better execute it and make it more advantageous for junior advocates to meet their needs with a lump sum amount.

According to officials, to benefit from the scheme, junior advocates who meet the eligibility requirements must register online at and upload their educational certificates, Aadhaar numbers, and bank account details.

In addition to the program, the government established the Advocates Welfare Trust, which has Rs 100 crore allocated to it for advocates. The Advocate General serves as its chairman, and the Secretaries of Law and Finance are among its members. Up until now, the trust has given advocates access to loans, Group Mediclaim Policies, and other financial support totaling Rs 25 crore.

According to the officials, eligible advocates who would like to apply for trust assistance can do so online at or by contacting the Law Secretary directly.

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