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Anushka won’t go to promotions!

By Aug 24, 2023
Anushka won't go to promotions!Anushka won't go to promotions!
Anushka won’t go to promotions!

After skipping a couple scheduled premieres, the long-awaited movie “Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty,” starring the legendary actor naveen Polishetty, will finally be released on September 7. The bond between the primary actors, who happen to be none other than Anushka Shetty and this aspiring hero, is the movie’s main draw. The problem is right here.

Over the past several days, Naveen Polishetty has actively promoted the film by taking part in radio programs and TV channel debates. Even though she made a prank call to one of Naveen’s interviews, Anushka’s presence was felt throughout the interviews, which has left many people wondering why she isn’t physically present at the events.

Additionally, Anushka conducts radio voice interviews. Many people are confused as to why Anushka, who is reportedly filming in Bangalore, was unable to attend the premiere of her own film, which is her first to visit theaters in the previous three years.

Regardless of the reason, Anushka’s absence from the movie’s promotion will definitely have a big impact. Supporters of her are hoping that she will at least attend the pre-release event. Nowadays, most famous people just go to one movie-related event, and it looks like the Baahubali siren is doing the same.

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