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Vizag Shift: What the High Court Says

Vizag Shift: What the High Court SaysVizag Shift: What the High Court Says

Vizag: After everything that has happened in the last five years, AP Chief Minister YS Jagan’s proposal to impose three capitals will remain a pipe dream for him during his tenure. A single-judge bench of the AP High Court blocked the AP government’s intention to relocate government offices from Amaravati to Vizag. The AP administration subsequently challenged this in front of the entire bench of the AP High Court, and the case was heard today.

However, in a major setback for the AP administration, the AP High Court refused to overturn the ruling of the single-judge bench and refused to hear the petition to move government offices to Vizag. The AP administration was directed by the High Court to abide by the rulings of the single-judge bench, which is to halt the process of relocating till the entire High Court bench has given its approval. The government was ordered by the court to provide information regarding the number of employees who will be moving to Vizag as well as the specific offices that will be moved. If the government wanted to pursue its case, it was suggested that they speak with the triangular expert committee.

Only the CM camp office is being moved to Vizag, according to a report initially filed with the court by the AP government. Afterward, however, farmers from Amaravati filed a petition in the High Court, alleging that the government is secretly moving all of its important administrative offices—including the CM camp office—to Vizag. The government sought the HC in an attempt to obtain a positive outcome but to no avail. A stay order was imposed in this regard.

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