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US bill targets green card backlog, promises relief for Indians.

US bill targets green card backlog, promises relief for Indians.US bill targets green card backlog, promises relief for Indians.

Green card backlog

US bill: In a significant development, US lawmakers have introduced a bill aimed at assisting Indians and reducing the backlog of green cards. This proposed legislation seeks to address the challenges faced by Indian immigrants in obtaining permanent residency in the United States. If passed, the bill could potentially alleviate the long-standing issue of green card backlogs and provide relief to thousands of Indians waiting in line for their permanent residency status.

The Green Card Backlog Issue

Obtaining a green card, which grants permanent residency in the United States, is a dream for many immigrants. However, due to various factors, including country-specific quotas, the process can often be lengthy and arduous. The current backlog disproportionately affects Indian immigrants, resulting in extended waiting periods that can stretch for several years.

Indian professionals, particularly those in the technology sector, have been significantly impacted by this backlog. Many highly skilled individuals who contribute to the US economy find themselves caught in a bureaucratic quagmire, unable to fully pursue their professional aspirations or plan their lives with certainty.

The Proposed Bill

The bill introduced by US lawmakers aims to address this backlog issue and provide relief to Indian immigrants. While the specific details of the bill are yet to be released, it is expected to propose measures that will expedite the processing of green card applications for Indians.

The legislation is likely to address the per-country cap on employment-based green cards, which currently limits the number of green cards granted to applicants from any single country. By removing or modifying this cap, the bill seeks to create a more equitable and efficient system that prioritizes merit-based selection over country of origin.

To shorten the backlog of green cards, three prominent Congressmen—including Indian-Americans Raja Krishnamoorthi and Pramila Jayapal—have introduced a bill in the US House of Representatives.

According to a press release, HR 6542, the bipartisan Immigration Visa Efficiency and Security Act of 2023, would enable American employers to concentrate on hiring immigrants based on their merit rather than where they were born, strengthening the US economy and increasing its competitiveness abroad while lowering the backlog of green cards.

According to the statement, the bill enhances the H-1B temporary visa program and gives people who have been waiting two years in the immigration visa backlog the opportunity to apply for a green card; however, the application cannot be approved until a visa becomes available.

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