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Unacademy Fires Teacher Over Viral ‘Elect Educated Candidates’ Video

By Aug 18, 2023
Unacademy Fires Teacher Over Viral 'Elect Educated Candidates' VideoUnacademy Fires Teacher Over Viral 'Elect Educated Candidates' Video
Unacademy Fires Teacher Over Viral ‘Elect Educated Candidates’ Video

Unacademy has fired an instructor named Karan Sangwan after a video of him pushing students to vote for “educated candidates” went popular on social media.

According to Roman Saini, co-founder of Unacademy, discussing personal beliefs and views in a classroom atmosphere is inappropriate.

As a result of Karan Sangwan’s violation of the company’s stringent Code of Conduct, the online education platform was forced to break ways with him.

“We are an education platform that is deeply committed to imparting quality education,” Saini posted on X, previously Twitter. To accomplish this, we have implemented a stringent Code of Conduct for all of our educators with the goal of ensuring that our students have access to unbiased information.”

Saini went on to say that at Unacademy, the major focus is on the students, and personal beliefs and viewpoints should not be presented in the classroom because they may mislead students.

“Our students are at the heart of everything we do.” “The classroom is not the place to share personal opinions and views because they can negatively influence students,” he explained.

“We were forced to part ways with Karan Sangwan in the current situation because he was in violation of the Code of Conduct,” Saini explained.

The contentious video that went viral on X featured Sangwan asking students to vote for well-educated politicians rather than those who only care about changing names.

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi and the leader of the AAP, who has previously questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s educational qualifications, questioned the edtech firm’s choice.

Kejriwal questioned whether encouraging people to vote for educated politicians was a crime. “Is it a crime to encourage people to vote for educated people?” Personally, if someone is illiterate, I admire him. People’s representatives, on the other hand, cannot be illiterate. This is a scientific and technological period. “Illiterate public representatives will never be able to build the modern India of the twenty-first century,” Kejriwal wrote on X.

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