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Today’s event to dedicate the Ram temple in Ayodhya is set to take place in a joyous mood.

By Jan 22, 2024
Today's event to dedicate the Ram temple in Ayodhya is set to take place in a joyous mood.

Today’s event to dedicate the Ram temple Around 8,000 chairs awaited special invitees, dignitaries, and celebrities. Diyas were lit, flowers from across the nation adorned columns and walls inside and outside the new Ram temple, and the old idol of Ram Lalla Virajman was brought to the sanctum sanctorum. The rituals continued all day Sunday, setting the stage for the Pran Pratishtha, or consecration ceremony, of the new idol in the new temple in Ayodhya on Monday.

Ahead of the consecration event, which is set to begin just after noon on Monday, people poured into the temple town, which was decked out in a festive manner. The ceremony’s participant, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is scheduled to arrive in Ayodhya at 10.45 am and arrive at the Ram Janmabhoomi temple site at 10.55 am.

The prime minister’s schedule, according to officials, has been set. Between 1 and 2 pm, he will speak to a crowd at a public occasion after taking part in the consecration ritual from 12.05 to 12:55 pm.

At around 2:00 pm, Modi is expected to have a darshan at Kuber Tila to conclude his visit. A massive statue of Jatayu has been put in the refurbished old Shiva temple on Kuber Tila. According to sources, Modi will unveil the Jatayu statue and perform prayers at the Shiva temple.

A significant portion of the “Adhivas,” or rites, concluded on Sunday, January 16. “Madhvadhivas,” the start of the day’s ceremonies, involved covering the 51-inch new idol of Ram Lalla in honey. As part of the “Snapan” ceremony, the idol was then bathed in medicinal water from 114 kalash (urns).

The ancient idol, also known as the “Utsav” murti, was carried around the new temple on a palki adorned with flowers before being brought inside.

The new idol’s eyes, which were blindfolded on January 16, will be uncovered when it is bathed in water from 114 kalash as part of the ceremony, the priests stated as the ceremonies continued late into Sunday night. The idol will be shown a mirror to “absorb energy, created through chanting of mantras and rituals over the last 6 days” when the blindfold is taken off.

Using a gold stick, ghee and honey stored in a silver basin will be applied to the idol’s eyes. The old idol will be bathed and placed inside the garbha griha alongside the new one.

Explanation | Ayodhya’s Ram temple: 200 years of history and numerous turning points

After six days of rites, the deity is metaphorically put to “sleep” as the “Adhivas” rituals come to a conclusion with “Shayandhivas.”

Quilts from Jaipur and a bed with sheesham carvings have arrived for the Sunday ceremony, according to officials involved in the ceremonies. The idol was wrapped in comforters and the bed was placed at its feet.

Priests will begin the final rites at 8:30 a.m. on Monday when they arrive at the temple. Even when the consecration ceremony is over, the havan will go on – Today’s event to dedicate the Ram temple

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