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Times Now vs. India Today: Two Differing Surveys on AP Politics

Times Now vs. India Today: Two Differing Surveys on AP PoliticsTimes Now vs. India Today: Two Differing Surveys on AP Politics

Times Now vs. India Today: The Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections of 2024 are shaping up to be one of the most important contests to watch. The state elections became extremely important as the NDA, the opposition TDP led by former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu, and the ruling YSRCP led by chief minister YS Jagan engaged in a fierce battle. Several polls on the AP elections have been released thus far, and nearly all of them have forecast a close race with a single-digit percentage of votes separating the winners and losers.  -Times Now vs. India Today

India Today survey 

Amid this intense scenario, two prominent national media outlets have presented starkly contrasting forecasts for Andhra Pradesh. The India Today Group and C Voter have projected a sweeping victory for the TDP and NDA alliance in the upcoming AP Lok Sabha polls, which would likely translate into a similar outcome in the Assembly elections. Their prediction suggests that the TDP and NDA could secure as many as 17 Lok Sabha constituencies, while the ruling YSRCP may be limited to just 8 MP seats.

Times Now – ETG survey

Conversely, the Times Now – ETG survey has unveiled quite contrasting projections for Andhra Pradesh. According to their findings, the YSRCP is anticipated to secure a significant victory, clinching between 19 to 20 Lok Sabha seats. In contrast, the TDP and Janasena are expected to secure only 3 to 4 Lok Sabha seats collectively, with the BJP projected to secure just 1 seat.

ABP survey

Another noteworthy survey, conducted by ABP in collaboration with CVoter, has also forecasted a significant victory for the NDA in Andhra Pradesh. According to this survey, the TDP and its allies are expected to secure a commanding 20 out of the 25 Lok Sabha seats, garnering approximately 47 percent of the total votes cast. In contrast, the YSRCP is projected to win only 5 Lok Sabha seats, with around 40 percent of the votes in its favor.

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The stark disparity in the survey results from India Today and Times Now has left Andhra Pradesh voters and numerous political analysts perplexed. With the crucial Assembly and Parliament elections scheduled for May 13, which marks D-day, all eyes are eagerly awaiting the outcome. The results are slated to be revealed on June 4. Until then, the suspense lingers, and everyone eagerly anticipates which survey will ultimately prove to be accurate.


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