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The US may launch a “wave of attacks” against Iran proxies shortly after the incident in Jordan: Report

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The US may launch a "wave of attacks" against Iran proxies shortly after the incident in Jordan: ReportThe US may launch a "wave of attacks" against Iran proxies shortly after the incident in Jordan: Report

US: According to Pentagon officials, the United States’ retaliatory attack on multiple Iranian targets is scheduled to begin within the next few days, subject to presidential clearance.

The US is reportedly prepared to conduct retaliation attacks against Iran-backed organizations, which were purportedly responsible for the recent drone attack on US troops in Jordan, which killed three soldiers. According to Pentagon sources, retribution would likely begin within the next few days and spread over a variety of targets after the president gives the go-ahead, Politico reported, citing officials.

The killing of US soldiers on Sunday has increased political pressure on President Joe Biden to take stronger measures against Iran.


  • As pressure rises on Joe Biden to respond to Iranian forces accused of carrying out the drone attack on US soldiers, the Pentagon is considering the nature of the response. According to Reuters, Biden’s retaliation options might include striking Iranian personnel both inside and outside of Iran, as well as a more cautious retaliatory operation just against the Iran-backed militants involved.
  • According to a Politico report, President Joe Biden has tasked his advisers with presenting options for a robust US response to deter future attacks. The goal is to avoid escalating tensions in the already volatile region, which is dealing with the Israel-Hamas conflict and Houthi attacks. Despite his initial remarks, Biden has maintained a strategic silence on the issue, with a formal statement expected once a decision is made.
  • In its initial response since the recent attack, the Pentagon made it clear that the United States is not actively pursuing a war with Iran. During a White House briefing, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby asserted, “We do not seek another war. We do not seek to escalate. But we will take necessary actions.” Kirby also mentioned that the groups responsible for the attack were allegedly supported by Tehran. However, Iran rejected any connections to the Islamic Resistance group, which claimed responsibility for the attack, as of Monday.
  • Amid rising tensions in the Middle East, Qatar’s Prime Minister expressed hope that any potential US retaliation would not hinder progress toward a new Israel-Hamas hostage release deal. “I hope that our ongoing efforts won’t be undermined or jeopardized by any developments,” stated Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim al Thani.
  • In the first lethal attack on US troops since the onset of the Israel-Hamas conflict in October, a drone strike targeted a US Army outpost in eastern Jordan on Sunday. The attack resulted in the death of three soldiers, with over 40 troops sustaining injuries, marking a significant escalation. The youngest soldier killed in the incident was 23 years old. US authorities are currently investigating why the approximately 350 troops stationed at the base, known as Tower 22, were unable to prevent the drone attack.

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