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The National Creators Award 2024 is presented by PM Modi; are you aware of it?

The National Creators Award 2024 is presented by PM Modi; are you aware of it?The National Creators Award 2024 is presented by PM Modi; are you aware of it?

National Creators Award 2024: On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi bestowed the National Creators Award at Bharat Mandapam in the nation’s capital. These awards have been conceived as a catalyst for harnessing creativity to initiate positive transformations.

What’s the National Creators Award, exactly?

With the pervasive influence of social media, the creator economy is experiencing exponential growth on a global scale. Countless digital creators across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X, and numerous others are actively producing content spanning diverse topics such as fashion, technology, general knowledge, education, travel, and beyond.    – National Creators Award 2024

Hence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has instituted a new category of awards in recognition of this burgeoning profession in the country—the Creators.

The National Creators Award aims to acknowledge outstanding achievements and contributions in various fields, encompassing storytelling, advocacy for social change, environmental sustainability, education, gaming, and more. This award is designed as a platform to harness creativity to foster positive transformations.

National Creators Award: Selection Process

The Centre had established a nomination window on its Innovate India website from February 10 to 29, 2024.

According to the data, about 1.5 lakh nominations and almost 10 lakh votes were cast.

The award is based on the amount of votes cast for the creator.

National Creator Award: Categories

The award is distributed among twenty categories, which include accolades such as the Best Storyteller Award, The Disruptor of the Year, Celebrity Creator of the Year, Cultural Ambassador of the Year, Best Creator for Social Change, Green Champion Award, Most Impactful Agri Creator, Cultural Ambassador of the Year, the International Creator Award.

Additionally, the categories encompass the Best Travel Creator Award, Swachhta Ambassador Award, The New India Champion Award, Tech Creator Award, Heritage Fashion Icon Award, Most Creative Creator (Male and Female), Best Micro Creator, Best Creator in Food Category, Best Creator in Gaming Category, Best Creator in Education, Best Nano Creator, and Best Health and Fitness Creator.

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National Creator Award 2024: Winners list
  • Most Creative Creator Award (Female): Shraddha Jain (AiyyoShraddha)
  • Most Creative Creator Award (Male): RJ Raunac (Bauaa)
  • Heritage Fashion Icon Award: Jahnvi Singh
  • Best Creator in Tech Category Award: Gaurav Chaudhary
  • Green Champion Award: Pankhti Pandey
  • Best Storyteller Award: Keerthika Govindasamy
  • Cultural Ambassador of the Year: Maithili Thakur
  • Best Creator in Food Category: Kabita Singh
  • Best Creator in Education Category: Naman Deshmukh
  • Favorite Travel Creator Award: Kamiya Jani
  • Best Health and Fitness Creator: Ankit Baiyanpuria
  • Disruptor of the Year Award: Ranveer Allahbadia (BeerBiceps)

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