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Tamilisai, the Telangana governor, resigns

Tamilisai, the Telangana governor, resignsTamilisai, the Telangana governor, resigns

Tamilisai: In light of the upcoming general election, Governor Tamilisai Soundarajan of Telangana has made a significant decision to resign from her position.

Tamilisai Soundarajan has swiftly resigned from her role as the Governor of Telangana, effective immediately. Her responsibilities will soon come to an end.

The seasoned politician plans to run on a BJP ticket in the upcoming Lok Sabha election, which is cited as the reason for her decision to step down from the governorship. She has simultaneously resigned from her position as the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry as well.

Originally hailing from Tamil Nadu, Tamilisai is poised to vie for a Lok Sabha constituency seat in the state under the BJP banner.

Throughout her tenure as the Governor of Telangana, Tamilisai often found herself at odds with the BRS government, engaging in frequent clashes. Notably, she made headlines by vehemently rejecting the nominations proposed by the KCR party for the MLC election, adding fuel to the already simmering political tensions. However, a notable shift occurred when the newly formed government under Revanth Reddy came into power. During this time, She appeared to foster a more amicable relationship with the administration.

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After dedicating nearly five years to her role as the governor, Tamilisai Soundarajan has decided to step down from her position, marking the end of a significant chapter in Telangana’s political landscape.

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