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Swati Maliwal assault case: NCW summons Kejriwal’s assistant Bibhav Kumar on May 17

Swati Maliwal assault case: NCW summons Kejriwal's assistantSwati Maliwal assault case

Swati Maliwal assault case: The National Commission for Women (NCW) has taken decisive action, summoning Bibhav Kumar, the personal assistant to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, in connection with the disturbing allegations surrounding the assault on Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal. Kumar has been formally called upon to present himself before the commission at 11 am on May 17th. This step underscores the seriousness with which such incidents are being addressed, ensuring accountability and justice prevail.

In its notice dispatched to Arvind Kejriwal’s office, the women’s panel asserted that it has initiated suo moto action upon coming across a social media post entitled DCW chief Swati Maliwal accuses Arvind Kejriwal’s personal secretary of assaulting her, wherein it was detailed that Maliwal endured a brutal assault allegedly perpetrated by Bibhav Kumar at CM Kejriwal’s official residence. This proactive approach by the commission underscores its commitment to investigating such serious allegations and ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to address them.

The commission, in its notice, clearly stated, Now therefore, take notice that the Commission, in view of the above, has scheduled a You must personally come before the Commission for the matter’s hearing on May 17, 2024, at 11 a.m. This directive underscores the seriousness with which the commission is approaching the matter and emphasizes the necessity for Kumar’s direct involvement in the proceedings.

In addition, the NCW stated in its notification that should Bibhav Kumar neglect to show up for the Commission on Friday, additional action will be taken against him.

What is the assault case of Swati Maliwal?

AAP MP Swati Maliwal, the former head of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), allegedly reported to the police control room (PCR) in the early hours of Monday, May 13, that she had been beaten by Kumar at Kejriwal’s house.

She visited the Civil Lines police station, but the police said that she did not formally make a complaint there.

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According to Indian Express, there were two daily entries in the police records about the PCR call where Maliwal said that Kejriwal had given her instructions to be beaten.

After a day, Sanjay Singh, a Rajya Sabha MP for the AAP, told the media that the party would take “strict action” against Bibhav Kumar.

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