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Supreme Court: Why Has Jagan’s Case Be Delayed? SC Asks CBI

Supreme Court: Why Has Jagan's Case Be Delayed? SC Asks CBISupreme Court: Why Has Jagan's Case Be Delayed? SC Asks CBI

Supreme Court: Former YCP MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju initiated a legal challenge against his party president, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Raju lodged a case in the Supreme Court seeking an accelerated trial for Jagan’s alleged disproportionate assets. Additionally, he submitted a plea to relocate the case from Telangana to a different state.

During today’s court session, the Supreme Court bench, led by Justice Sanjeev Khanna, inquired the CBI about the reason behind the delay in the investigation of Jagan’s cases. The court instructed the CBI to submit an affidavit regarding the progress of the investigation within four weeks.

The Supreme Court directed the CBI not to prolong the case simply because Jagan holds political office as a chief minister. The subsequent hearing is slated for the week immediately following August 5th.

The Solicitor General, representing the CBI, contended that the proliferation of discharge petitions filed throughout the investigation is contributing to the prolonged duration of the case beyond its intended timeline.

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In addressing this issue, Raghu Rama Krishna Raju pointed out that Jagan Mohan Reddy has managed to secure 3000 postponement adjournments for his court cases. Raju emphasized that it’s now imperative for Jagan to confront the legal ramifications without further delay.

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