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Sonia declines Revanth’s request.

Sonia declines Revanth's request.Sonia declines Revanth's request.

The Telangana Congress is actively pursuing the nomination of former AICC president Sonia Gandhi as an MP of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha from Telangana. Initially, there was a proposal for her to contest a Lok Sabha seat from the state, with suggestions to file nomination papers for Medak or Khammam constituencies. The Pradesh Congress Committee leaders conveyed their resolution to Sonia Gandhi, seeking her participation in the electoral process. During a recent meeting in New Delhi, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy and his associates brought up the matter, but as of now, there has been no official confirmation from Sonia Gandhi regarding her stance on the issue.

Sonia Gandhi, the representative for Amethi, has decided to step down from active politics and avoid running for office in 2024, according to party sources. According to the rumors, Rahul or Priyanka may run this time from Amethi. Sonia’s failure to respond positively to the Telangana PCC is thought to have occurred for a similar reason. However, the announcement of the RS polls had caused the PCC to consider making their request to Sonia Gandhi again.

Sonia declines Revanth’s request.

According to Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, She won’t have to face any difficulties if she runs in the RS elections. Only party MLAs are required to cast ballots, and as the Congress has 64 members in the Assembly, it has a good chance of winning two MP seats. Each MP will be chosen by a vote of thirty MLAs. Revanth intends to approach Sonia once more to run for one of the MP seats. Having faced two bouts of Coronavirus and considering her advanced age at 78, She has decided to step back from active involvement in politics. Additionally, she has been contending with a prolonged battle against cancer.

The reaction of Sonia Gandhi to Revanth’s plan remains to be observed.

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