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Rajnath: India will enter Pakistan to exterminate terrorists

Rajnath: India will enter Pakistan to exterminate terroristsRajnath: India will enter Pakistan to exterminate terrorists

Rajnath: The minister responds to a question on a controversial report published in the Guardian newspaper that claims the Indian government is assassinating individuals in Pakistan.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on Friday that India will give terrorists a muh tod jawab (fitting reply) and hunt them down even in Pakistan if they attempt to disturb the peace or carry out terror activities within the nation. This statement demonstrates the government’s resolve to track down terrorists even when they are abroad.

In an interview with News18, he declared, “We will enter Pakistan to kill them if they run away to Pakistan.”

According to him, there was no way to spare terrorists.

The minister addressed a query regarding a contentious report in the Guardian newspaper alleging that the Indian government conducted assassinations in Pakistan as part of a broader strategic eliminate terrorists living on foreign soil, citing Indian and Pakistani intelligence officials.

The fresh claims, as reported by the Guardian, relate to almost 20 killings since 2020, carried out by unknown gunmen in Pakistan. While previous connections between India and the deaths have been unofficial, this marks the first instance where Indian intelligence personnel is discussing the alleged operations in Pakistan. Detailed documentation currently alleges RAW’s direct involvement in the assassinations, as further stated.

Singh responded, “Whatever the Prime Minister has said is true,” when pressed further and asked to address Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim that “this is not the Bharat that will be a mute spectator and will enter your territory to kill the terrorists.” And thus lies India’s strength. Additionally, Pakistan has begun to realize this.

Singh emphasized that India, however, always seeks to keep cordial ties with its neighbors.

“Whatever it is, it is the nation that borders us.” Analyze the past. Neither have we initiated any attacks on anyone in the world nor have we attacked anyone as of yet. This has always been India’s character. But we won’t spare anyone who repeatedly looks at India with resentment, visits India, or attempts to encourage terrorist activity.”

According to the Guardian, Pakistan intelligence sources allege that targeted assassinations in the country escalated considerably in 2023, accusing India of participation in the suspected murders of approximately 15 persons, the majority of whom were shot at close range by unknown gunmen.

Singh’s Response to Kashmir Query

In response to a query concerning Kashmir under Pakistani occupation, Singh stated, “It was, is, and will remain a part of India…People in the PoK will claim that they prefer to travel with India.

I tell you, the people of PoK will themselves demand that they should be made to live in India; they cannot live away from our country and you must have seen that one or two protests take place there and those people want to merge with India, the minister responds when asked if it will be a priority for the NDA government in its likely third term. The situation in Kashmir has returned to normal following the repeal of Article 370, and development has accelerated as well. -Rajnath

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